Awaken Health Nutrition LLC has been serving the Metro Detroit area since January 2021. Founded by Miranda Moore-Stepnitz, M.S., Awaken Health Nutrition provides individualized functional medicine nutrition plans centered around root cause medicine and the optimal physiological function of your body at a cellular level. 

Functional medicine seeks the underlying sources rather than treating symptoms by determining how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. 

Healthy cells equal a healthy body; when our cells are nourished with the right foods, the root causes of our symptoms are addressed; this is why nutrition is at the forefront of functional medicine therapy. 

At Awaken Health Nutrition, we are here to support you in your health goals with evidence-based science that focuses on functional, integrative, and holistic medicine to support you in awakening your health once again. 

We also offer preventative health support to aid you in maintaining your current good health by guiding you nutritionally in a proactive manner with a functional medicine focus. 

Functional Medicine Nutrition 

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